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Corporate Governance  

The directors and management of Norton Gold Fields Limited (“Norton” or “the company”) are committed to following the principles issued by the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) underpinning corporate governance best practice.

In responding to the principles and associated best practice recommendations, Norton has given due and careful regard to its particular circumstances and the best interests of its shareholders.

ASX Listing Rules require listed companies to disclose in their annual report the extent to which ASX best practice recommendations have been followed; identify which recommendations have not been followed; and provide reasons for their decisions.

As detailed in this corporate governance statement, Norton considers that its current governance practices largely comply with the ASX recommendations. Where arrangements differ from the recommendations, the directors and management believe this is appropriate to the company’s circumstances and represents good practice. 

A full set of Norton’s corporate governance related policies and charters are available on the company’s website at

The company will continuously review the recommendations and decisions will be based on what is in the best interests of shareholders.

The remainder of this statement sets out each principle, associated best practice recommendations, and the company’s response.

Principle 1 - Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 2 - Structure the Board to add value
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 3 - Promote ethical and responsible decision-making
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 4 - Safeguard integrity in financial reporting
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 5 - Make timely and balanced disclosure
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 6 - Respect the rights of shareholders
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 7 - Recognise and manage risks
Principle 1 - click here

Principle 8 - Remunerate fairly and responsibly
Principle 1 - click here

A full copy of Norton's corporate governance statement is available here

Norton's protocols and charters are available by clicking on the following links:

Board Protocol

Audit Committee and Risk Management Committee Charter

Board Nomination Charter

Remuneration Committee Charter

Securities Trading Policy

Diversity Policy

Code of Conduct

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