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The Health and Safety of our people continues to be a high priority and we aim for workers (Employees and contractors) to return home unharmed at the end of every day.

We are focused on achieving our goal of Zero Harm by continuously improving the safety culture, processes and systems across all of our operations.

Since 2012 Norton Gold Fields has reduced our Lost Time Injury Frequency rate to 1 which is below the WA Gold Industry average of 2.5 (as of Jan 2018).

Health and Hygiene

We have implemented a rigorous process to provide high quality immediate treatment of injuries that occur at work, to minimise the impacts to the worker.

We provide access to Flu shots on an annual basis and conduct functional capacity assessments to ensure we are not putting workers at risk when the return from non-work related injury.

Hygiene (contaminate) monitoring is conducted based on the risk to workers, with management plans developed for management of high risk contaminates.


Emergency Response

The volunteer Paddington Operations Emergency Response Group provide a first response capability to minimise the impact of incidents to our people and the business, by identifying potential emergencies for the business and develop suitable responses.

We train our emergency response personnel in the appropriate skills to deal with the identified potential emergencies.

We test the effectiveness of our systems and training by conducting drills, desktop exercises and competing in local surface

Norton Paddington Operations – Health & Safety Policy
Norton Paddington Operations – Security Policy


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