Rehabilitation and Closure

Norton are responsible for managing just under 6000ha of mining related disturbance over its tenement package (meaning that only 5.5% of the tenure has been disturbed), and of this disturbed land, 49% to date has been rehabilitated.

Norton’s tenement package is divided into eight separate areas. This grouping ensures that each locality can be more thoroughly assessed and managed on its individual merits, have more relevant engagement with local stakeholders, and focus on future land use and management considerations post mine closure. The eight areas are:

  • Carbine Zulieka;
  • Golden Cities;
  • Paddington;
  • Mount Pleasant;
  • Lady Bountiful;
  • Binduli;
  • Ora Banda; and
  • Bullabulling


Rehabilitation of all mining related disturbances occurs both progressively, alongside active mining, but also once the project has reached completion stage. Priorities include;

  • the final shaping and revegetating of all waste dumps with monitoring points established soon after;
  • the closure of pits with abandonment bunds to prevent inadvertent access; and
  • the ripping of all tracks and open cleared areas to encourage revegetation and new habitat to re-establish.

Each year, Norton commit a substantial budget towards the ongoing rehabilitation of both active and legacy sites, where possible prioritising those deemed a priority by the community.

Rehabilitation efforts and results are highly dependent on the local surrounding environment and Norton’s primary aim is to remediate all features to a safe, stable and non-polluting state. Effort is then placed in promoting the ecosystems to return to a self-sustaining habitat capable of supporting local flora and fauna species.




A link to the previous AERs is located here:

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