Jianguo Gao

Executive Chairman: B. Sc (Geology), MSc (Paleontology and Stratigraphy), PhD (Geology)

Mr Gao is a geologist and resource industry professional with over 25 years’ experience. He joined Zijin in July 2016 and was appointed to the Chairman of Norton Gold Fields in January 2017. Mr Gao is also the General Manager – Capital & Business Improvement at Porgera Joint Venture. Prior to Zijin, he served as CEO of Silvercorp Metals Inc. for 12 years, he also worked for Northgate Minerals Corporation and Ontario Geological Survey.


Zhibin Guo

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director: B. Eng

Mr Guo Commenced as Chief Executive Officer of Norton Gold Fields in January 2017. He joined Zijin in 2005 and held number of senior roles in the group, including General Manager of Construction department, General Manager of Duobaoshan Copper Mine, General Manager of Zijin Northeast Asia Company and General Manager of Zijin International Mining Company. Mr Guo holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Tongji University.

Xiaodong Huang

Executive Director: B. Eng, EMBA

Mr Huang has worked with Zijin Group for over 12 years in a range of roles from Chief Economist to Senior Vice President of the Group. He is currently the Director of Zijin Overseas Operations. Mr Huang has extensive experiences in mining industry and expertise in corporate management. He graduated from Hefei Industrial University in 1981, majoring in Engineering of Electronics. He also holds the EMBA degree from Xiamen University.





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